Cancer Fighting Foods – Diet you must include

Cancer Fighting Foods

Cancer is a hazardous disease that annually affects thousands of patients exponentially. Its rate has not come down in years. Moreover, Cancer's treatment is quite stiff and cannot be cured in every case. There are some naturally occurring foods which can help one to great extent. They ought to be helpful in a long run.

Few of the cancer fighting foods are mentioned below.


GarlicGarlic is a treasure of various invaluable things like Sulphur, Flavonoids, Oligosaccharides, Arginine, and Selenium. Its bio-active compounds are quite distinctive than other vegetables. Its unnatural detoxifying food. Its consumption can be miraculous with respect to its cure and prevention.

Garlic can eliminate the cancer cells and prevent their maturation.  It has given favourable outcomes in killing the cancer causing cells in breast and lung cancer. Even in the cases when it couldn't kill the cells, garlic has slowed down their growth.

However its usance should not be done in exceed as it may affect adversely in some cases like severe allergies, diarrhea, and thinking of blood etc . Moderate use on the daily basis in our food consumption is ideal.

Green Tea

Green TeaGreen tea is widely known for its multiple beneficial qualities. It is a vigorous antioxidant contain epigallocatechin-3 gallate. Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, also known as EGCG, prevents the expansion and proliferation of cancer cells by occluding their maturation.

Therefore, green tea can easily be accommodated in our eating habits. Though it does not have any side effects, one should still consult a doctor before its due consumption.


TomatoesTomato is an anti-inflammatory and highly antioxidant food. It contains beta-carotene and carotenoids like lycopene, phytoene and phytofluene.

Among these, lycopene in tomatoes, which is released when tomatoes are cooked, fights lung, breast and prostrate cancer.



BroccoliBroccoli is a highly nutritious vegetable used worldwide for its tremendous healthy properties. It has many health benefits one of which is its property to fight cancer.

According to researchers, Broccoli  is one of the cruciferous vegetables which has sulforaphane, a compound of sulfur which is very helpful in fighting prostate cancer. It slows down the growth of tumor cells actively.


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